2016/2015, Museum of Skateboarding. Calvert22 Gallery, London / Programme "Expanding Space. Artistic practice in the urban environment". GES-2, V-A-C Foundation, Moscow

Mixed media sculptures, single-channel HD video

Skateboarding is the method to understand the human body, memory and consciousness on the one hand and the peculiar landscape of the city. An architectural project gets an unexpected interpretation through sport and related practices.
The project is a collection of photo and video materials, artifacts and research results looking into skateboarding as a unique method of studying the city space.
In the course of a separate study, the overlapping points between skateboarding and the other areas of human activity (military arts, political science fitness, martial arts) and mental practices are brought to light. Also studied is the secret language of skateboarding - there are objects in the city environment whose purpose can only be understood trough skateboarding practices.

Practice manual PDF