2017, Horizon Community Memorial Center. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Performance, navigation system, glass stellas.

Horizon Community web

For this exhibition, the Horizon Community organisation has created five navigational objects and prepared a group of mediators, as part of a Memorial center dedicated to the abstract theory of ''the Elsewhere'' while also constituting a navigation system for locating the Elsewhere, a concept developed by Alexei Yurchak in his groundbreaking book, ''Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More'' (2006).

While undertaking research in Garage Archive, Horizon Community connected Yurchak's theory of the Elsewhere to a metaphor found in the recorded conversations between Moscow conceptualists Andrei Monastyrsky and Joseph Backstein. In these they discussed how being an artist in the Soviet times was a way to hide from the external unresolvable paradoxes of the everyday life of that era: In this way, their work was detached from the context they were working in, because they felt they belonged somewhere else. Hence the Horizon Community memorial is dedicated to the practice of existing the Elsewhere, with visitors guided by two invigilators from the Horizon Community who have been trained to elucidate on the Horizon Community practice.