2015, Horizon Community Workshop, Agency of Singular Investigations (ASI), CCA Fabrika

Performance, installation.

Horizon Community web

The new work by Kirill Savchenkov Horizon Community Workshop opens a special program Survival and Imagination in which the Agency of Singular Investigations presents the most interesting projects dedicated to the description of the mental landscapes formed by cultural technologies of 'semiocapitalism'. Savchenkov is interested in the lesser known aspects of this emerging before our eyes reality: corporate ethics and the 'new spirit of capitalism' as sources of models and cognitive schemes for various systems of knowledge and activities, from cosmology to the martial arts and from the esoteric teachings to the methods of navigation in urban environments of the near future.

Kirill Savchenkov's work is difficult to define using conventional formats; it has traits of sociocultural research and performance, of installation and discussion platform. Be that as it may, the key artistic tool of Savchenkov is the live speech, or the language in action. Word-as-event in his practice becomes both the tool and the material for the construction of situations, for creating a special aura of 'flickering presence' of the abstract in the factual, of the ephemeral in the global, of the irrational in the quotidian.