2014, Avalanche, HD video, 19:19 min

Nowadays conflicts coming about such concepts as values, foundation and religious identity could be called cultural wars. The cultural meaning of images and symbols is underlined by war's hybrid character - compilation of conventional warfare, irregular warfare and cyberwarfare. In this context the desire of the stratas to fight for its identification sovereignty became an engine of the conflict. Violence within it sharpens the problem of give and receiving information till the insolubility; everybody is a victim and a torturer, and the difference between then and now are vanished. Such conflicts filled the everyday relations outside the wars, the instauration of reality chasing the truth became a meaning for many people. And survival inside this became crucial.

This work is a commentary to the events of the spring of 2014 in Crimea. Within this cultural conflict, subcultural formations quickly merged into urban guerrilla, and barricades were lied through our relationships and identity. Back then, just returned from Crimea I'd immediately dived in the information flow, and my friends, who lived there, had become it's part. This became our apocalypse. Unlike the cliche of the end of the world, this was a non-material catastrophe - impossible turn. What used to be a foundation was ruining online. It's similar to a confusion before the irreversible event, watching one you can stop asking yourself: "is it for real or just an imitation?"

gurzuf.me, commercial film about Jaguar energy drink, news, documentary film about Canadian special forces, Lakai skate video, Adventure time, Rick and Morty.

M.I.A. - Paper planes (acoustic remix)
M.I.A. - Paper planes