2013, Anabasis, Yasenevo, Moscow

Performance about three hours, took place on the 12th, 25th, 27th of September and 12th of October with groups of "sightseers" about 6-12 people.

"Anabasis.Excursion" includes personal life stories connected with the district called Yasenevo and also information about geography and history of this place.
Anonymous territory of the post-soviet suburbs ceases to anonymous, after being red through the author's experience and his own metageographical map. Every citizen has a similar map; the place which used to be unknown is getting more clear by talking to locals and that becomes a basic thing about this event. Functional and typological outskirts, which were built for the new society, are under the pressure of the social entropy and being renamed with the personal experience. After that the modern intention and the idea of such districts becomes more like meta-ruins. Such thing happens throughout this guided tour and conversation with the person who has the experience of the place and also with the person who doesn't have it or has a different one. The same territory is being named and rename in the same time.
It was a walk from Yasenevo, to North Chertanovo crossing the Bitcevsky forest which is between them, touching key-places such as the technogenic lake, 12th microdistrict of Yasenevo, the school, the department store, the forest.